Golden Future Montessori

Quality Education with Care !!

Parent Testimonial

Ms. Shilpa you are absolutely wonderful!!!  The girls have not stopped talking about how much fun they had and have been asking to make pancakes every day! You take such care and attention to provide our kids with such a wholesome experience...picnic in the park, swimming on a Friday afternoon, popcorn and a movie, computer phonics, art projects....the list goes on. Yet everyday they have excellent opportunities to learn their numbers, letters and words at their own pace.

What more can I say but THANK YOU!!!!

P.S.:- Thank you so much for teaching them about Kenya and doing the Kenya flag art project when you worked on learning the continents. Tailoring that experience to our background was very thoughtful. (And they still sing the continents song everyday!)

- Wanjuri Marika


Parent Testimonial

"The girls love you and coming to your school. They always tell me "Ms. Shilpa is my friend!" and come home happy everyday with stories of new things they have learned and how much fun they have had with you and their new friends. As a mother this gives me great comfort that we have found such a loving environment where they can learn and grow. It is a rare and special gift that you are giving them that will last the rest of their lives. Thank you so much, we appreciate you and the care that you give to our girls."


"She seems to be happy and telling us that she is eating nicely and playing with her friends. Daily activity is good.  She is learning math!"